IPL Tickets HPCA Stadium, Ticket Price, Schedule and Booking Steps 2024

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IPL Tickets HPCA Stadium: The IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the most popular cricket leagues globally, attracting millions of fans to stadiums across India every year. HPCA Stadium, also known as the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, located in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, is one of the venues where IPL matches are held.

IPL tickets for HPCA Stadium are your entry passes to thrilling Indian Premier League cricket matches in the beautiful setting of Dharamsala. To get tickets, you’ll need to wait for the official 2024 IPL schedule to be released (usually in February or March) to see if matches are scheduled at the stadium.

Tickets are typically sold through the IPL’s official ticketing partners—check the IPL website or news for updates on these partners when the schedule is released. HPCA stadium has various stands with different views and prices, so you can choose based on preference and budget. Remember to book early as popular matches sell out fast, and always buy from official sources to avoid scams!

HPCA Stadium 2024 Match Tickets

The ticket prices for the upcoming 2024 IPL season in Himachal Pradesh start at INR 850, as per the official IPL ticket price list. Additional pricing categories include INR 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 3750, 4500, 5500, 10000, 15000, 18000, and 22000.

Please be aware that the final ticket prices for IPL matches in Himachal Pradesh are subject to change, and further information will be provided in due course. Due to the high demand for tickets at HPCA Stadium, it is recommended to regularly visit the official website for the most up-to-date information on IPL Himachal Stadium ticket prices.

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Guide to Offline Booking of HPCA Stadium Tickets for IPL 2024

  • Confirm Offline Sales: Check official HPCA website or social media for announcements about offline sales for IPL matches.
  • Find Ticket Counter Details: If confirmed, find the location and operating hours of the ticket counter at HPCA Stadium.

Purchasing HPCA Stadium Tickets on Bookmyshow

To acquire tickets for HPCA Stadium via Bookmyshow, follow these steps:

  1. Visit BookMyShow Website or App: Open the BookMyShow website (www.bookmyshow.com) or download the BookMyShow mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Select Location and Event: Once you’re on the BookMyShow platform, select your location as “Dharamshala” or search for “HPCA Stadium” in the search bar.
  3. Choose Date and Showtime: If there are multiple matches scheduled at HPCA Stadium, choose the specific date and time for the match you want to attend.
  4. Select Seats: On the ticket booking page, you’ll see a seating layout of HPCA Stadium along with available seating categories. Choose your preferred seating section based on availability and pricing.

Ticket Price

The cost of tickets for IPL matches at the HPCA Stadium fluctuates based on the seating category and the specific match. Nevertheless, ticket prices typically range from ₹800 to ₹19,000. Pavilion seats, known for providing the finest views of the pitch, are usually the most expensive.


The official announcement of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 schedule, which includes matches at the HPCA Stadium in Himachal, India, has been made. Traditionally, the IPL schedule is disclosed a few weeks prior to the commencement of the tournament, usually held in March or April. Once the schedule is finalized, authorized ticketing platforms will commence the sale of tickets.

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Steps on how to book tickets online

IPL tickets for the HPCA Stadium can be bought online via the official IPL website or through approved ticketing partners like Paytm Insider, BookMyShow, and Ticketgenie. These channels provide a safe and hassle-free method to purchase tickets, enabling you to choose your desired seating category, input your contact information, and complete payments smoothly.

Steps on how to book tickets offline

Here’s how to book tickets offline for HPCA Stadium, assuming there are matches scheduled and offline sales are available:

  • Official HPCA website: Visit the HPCA website for any announcements or information regarding offline ticket sales for upcoming matches.
  • News and social media: Keep an eye on local news outlets and the HPCA’s social media pages for updates on offline ticket sales.
  • Ticketing partner websites: If an online ticketing partner is handling sales, their website might mention the availability of offline sales at the stadium.
  • Location: If offline sales are confirmed, note down the specific location of the ticket counter within the HPCA Stadium.
  • Timings: Find out the operating hours of the ticket counter. This information might be available on the sources mentioned in step 1.


Seating Plan

HPCA have various seating categories and stands to accommodate different preferences and budgets of spectators. Here’s a general idea of the seating plan you might find at HPCA Stadium:

  1. Pavilion Stand: This stand usually offers the best views of the cricket action and is considered a premium seating area. It may have both reserved and general admission seating options.
  2. North Stand: The North Stand typically accommodates a large number of spectators and may offer a mix of covered and open-air seating.
  3. East Stand: The East Stand is another common seating area and may provide good views of the cricket field.
  4. South Stand: Similar to the North Stand, the South Stand may offer various seating options and is usually open to a larger number of spectators.
  5. Corporate Boxes: Many stadiums have corporate boxes or VIP seating areas that offer luxury amenities and private viewing experiences. These boxes often include catering services and exclusive facilities.
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HPCA Stadium seating plan

IPL Tickets HPCA Stadium FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding IPL tickets at the HPCA Stadium:

Q. How can I purchase IPL tickets for matches at HPCA Stadium?
A: IPL tickets for matches at HPCA Stadium can usually be purchased online through official ticketing partners, such as the IPL website, team websites, or authorized ticketing platforms.

Q. What is the price range for IPL tickets at HPCA Stadium?
A: The price range for IPL tickets at HPCA Stadium varies depending on the match, seating category, and demand. Typically, ticket prices can range from affordable to premium, with different rates for different stands or sections of the stadium.

Q. Are there any age restrictions for purchasing IPL tickets?
A: Generally, there are no age restrictions for purchasing IPL tickets. However, children below a certain age may be required to have a ticket for entry. Specific policies regarding children’s entry and ticket requirements may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the ticketing provider or stadium authorities.

Q. Can I buy tickets directly at the HPCA Stadium ticket counters?
A: Depending on the regulations and guidelines in place, tickets may or may not be available for purchase directly at the HPCA Stadium ticket counters. It’s recommended to check with the stadium authorities or the official IPL website for information on ticket availability and purchase options.

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